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Port scan reporting

Internet worms scan the internet infecting new hosts, creating botnets, abusing services.

For a long time I have had implemented port scan detection and blocking script for our local users. The perl script analyzed netflow information and when a certain level was exceeded it informed the user by e-mail and blocked the port.

It had to handle a few special cases, for example smtp servers (MTA) easily exceeded threshold on ports 25 and 113, so the script probed the port 25 on the suspected host before taking an action. A few IP addresses were added to a white list.

Recently an idea to inform other providers came to me. Remote scanners were detected anyway, I had just to add an action. Whois service gives an abuse e-mail address, so composing a letter template was the only really creative task.

To avoid sending the letter too often I have added dynamic firewall rules with a timeout to block the scan traffic. So the warnings are sent in 1, 2, 4, 8 ... 32 days if the activity does not stop.

The script works and while Chinese internet providers largely ignore the warnings, I've received many replies which indicate that a real problem was noticed and fixed due to my messages.

It would be nice though if all ISP implemented local scan detection themselves.

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